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Hot Start Problems

Hot Start Problems

Do you trouble starting your car from hot?

  • When you try to start your car from hot, fully depress the accelerator pedal, turn on the ignition and pull the starter lever until the engine starts or not more than 10 seconds if it doesn''t start
  • Check points gap is 18 thou or .4mm
  • Adjust tappets hot,  run the engine for at least 15mins. Turn off and then adjust the tappets hot. This operation is best carried out using mechanics gloves to avoid burning. Set the tappets at 10 thou exhaust and 8 thou inlet
  • If the tappets are tight then this is probably your problem, if they have been too tight for a long time, there may be some long term damage which will manifest itself as burn out valves.
  • Renew rocker cover gasket, fibre washers and nylocks
  • Road test and recheck hot start



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