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Fiat 500 F Fiat 500 F For Sale Blu Scuro

Fiat 500 F For Sale Blu Scuro

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We have for sale a  Fiat 500 F restored and lovingly repainted in its original Blu Scuro with dark red interior. This car has been owned by the same family for over 25 years and had a new 126 engine and gearbox fitted before it was dry stored for nearly 10 years, we were delighted to have the opportunity to completely strip this car and rebuild it replacing and restoring all the necessary parts to bring it back to an as new car with the recommended conversions to make it a really easy and fun car to drive, the small Luisi steering wheel gives it go kart like handling and the deep dished wheels a sporty retro look.

The car comes with 1 year Mot and is road tax exempt.

Extensive history

Viewing and road test recommended


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